Available in 7, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 kgs. With an option of Stacker Dryers, you get to choose different variants in dryers as per your requirements. Fabcare drying tumblers are specially designed for Hosiery Dyeing Industry, Garment Export Industry, Denim Processing Units, Terry Towel plants, Home Furnishings. The best in its category for drying, shrinkage control and softness of linen.

Front loading, Open pocket, Large dia Die pressed door, Stainless Steel inner Basket, Outer Body Double walled Glass wool Insulated, Centrifugal High Suction Powerful Blower used, Microprocessor based Control panel forAuto Reverse/Forward Auto Digital Temperature control functions. Heating system in Electric/Steam/Thermic Heat Transfer Fluids/Indirect Oil/Gas Firing.