Finishing Equipments


Fabcare ‘Flat Bed Press’ designed for fine pressing of Flat Linen Like Table covers, Pillow Covers, Napkins, Kitchen linen, Staff uniforms of Hotels and Hospitals. This may press textile articles. The Suction Feature, Quality padding and Teflon lining on Hot Head Guarantee fine finishing /pressing. Automatic, Auto programmable with reset feature, Auto temperature Control, Pneumatically operated. Available in 30” x 60” Size (750x1500) sizes of Head/Bed. Also available as per customer requirement. Heating system available in Steam, Electric and thermic Heat transfer Fluids. Now Electric heated available in 9 KW dry heating.

The Fabcare General Utility Press has a polished stainless steel hot head, suitable for resistant material like linen and cotton. Can be used for multi-purpose applications as well.

  • Automatic time release of the head at preset time.
  • Pneumatic raising and lowering with push button.
  • No maintenance on Springs and bearings.

• Large flat top with imported silicon padding
• Strong welded construction
• Thermostatically controlled stainless steel table heater
• Extended exhaust duct with lightening device
• Adjustable garment hanger stand
• Garment storage rack

POWERFUL SUCTION through centrifugal blower activated by spring loaded full length foot pedal working in conjunction with sturdy micro switch.

Ideal cover material helps achieve excellent ironing results. Silicon iron stand protects ironing and Teflon soles 0 with stand up to 150 C of temperature.

  • Universal finishing system for all types of Trousers / Pant production.
  • Safety Feature- Automatic/manual air blowing from back.

The Fabcare Form Finisher is designed to finish a wide range of garments including Jackets, Blouses, Coats, Sweaters and all outer-wear. It utilizes a microprocessor to control the steam and air cycles. The height of each garment is automatically controlled by a photocell, which ensures the proper positioning of the garment regardless of its length. Manual override controls allow the operator the flexibility of utilizing both front and rear clamps and side expanders as required.


The perfect tensioning topper to de-wrinkle and finish khakis, pleated pants and jeans. Microprocessor controlled, the Topmaster II-PP incorporates the 0 latest design of movable pleat paddles (90 from fly to pocket) with the innovative air operated “clamp on” pressure system impart a solid crease on a pleat, and automatic leg tensioning.

Truly built for efficiency, productivity and higher profitability, single buck bosom, body and yoke press, which simultaneously finishes sleeves, comprises a unique shirt system designed specifically to help you increase productivity while saving you operating costs.

    • Simultaneous finishing of body and sleeves
    • Self contains vacuum buck
    • Simplified design, easy service access

  • For long life all parts contacted by steam are made of stainless steel/nonferrous
  • metals to ensure least corrosion and also prevents back staining on garments.
  • On entire surface the distribution of steam and suction is even and complete.
  • Widely used due to its temperature tolerance (+/-20 C) and light weight.
  • Precision thermostatic controls and heat proof bakelite handle.
  • Non - Rub and Non - Sticky base.
  • Brass base can be used for extra weight as per your convenient.
  • Electronic Heated Steam Press