Garment Dry Process

  • Fabcare spray treatment booth has been specially designed to make various processing operations on ready-to-wear garments.
  • In order to get these effects, we use a spray-based system with chemical products and pigment-based colours.
  • Each Booth comes with a suction system, the water barrier and filtering system is a standard feature.
  • It is fitted with dummies that can be inflated and deflated automatically and with a pneumatically-controlled 180 rotation device.

The range of dummies by Fabcare has been specifically designed and made to satisfy the today’s fashion. It is possible to work on trousers, jackets and shirts. Thanks to the available accessories now it is possible to carry out treatments, partial or total, such as: Stripes, moustaches, worn-out spots and so on.

  • Fabcare specially made curing oven are available in both gas and electrically heated which ensures uniformly heating through out the chamber to get the desired wrinkle free result.
  • Oven comes with all the required accessories such as oven trolley, oven hangers for shirts and trousers.
  • The oven is equipped with systems of emission of fulfilled air.
  • The temperature inside chamber of the oven can be controlled accurately with a digital temperature controller.