Hydro Extractor


Fabcare ‘Hydro Extractor’ is specially designed for centrifuge of garments after washing/dyeing. Special features are :

  • Direct drive, High speed, Self balancing,
  • Auto DC injected brake, Auto Timed
  • Inner Basket & Outer Drum Stainless Steel, Vibration free and Noiseless operations due to Self Balancing Suspensions.
  • The high speed of drum rotation ensures shorter time and consumes less energy.

Hydro extractor for textile and garment industry The complete machine is suspended by heavy duty three legs on universal oscillating steel pins with heavy steel springs and gun metal bushes. This arrangement removes the vibration while the machine is running.

The perforated basket is made of stainless steel in standard size and in different gauges according to the size of the machine. It consists of top flange made of stainless steel and bottom flange of robust cast iron lined with stainless steel sheet, which is well balanced statistically and dynamically. The outer body is also made of S.S.