Washing Machine


Available with forward tilt for easy unloading. The forward tilt allows the linen to fall into a trolley, making unloading ergonomically correct, reducing work related injuries, and improving workflow.

No risk of linen contamination A barrier washer is equipped with two opposing doors one for the introduction of dirty linen and the other for the unloading of cleaned laundry, so that avoiding the re-contamination. The aseptic washing machine respects the EN14065 (RABC) regulation, which requires the adoption of a quality system that analyzes and controls the risk of contamination in the treatment of textiles.

Quantum Gold Stainless SteelSpeed Queen’s stack washer/dryer brings an innovative stacked concept that takes up half the floor space that a conventional washer and dryer does when situated side by side. The freestanding so mount design can be installed on all floor types or levels. Both washer and dryer have the same hookups and connections as a standard washer and dryer. No additional plumbing or electrical change is needed. Speed Queen’s stack washer/dryer combines heavy-duty construction with reliable operation proven to stand the test of time.

  • Enzyme/Denim Wash
  • Garment Washing
  • Milling Machine for Cotton and Woolen Sweaters
  • Bath Mat Dyeing
  • Pigment Dyeing
  • All Laundry jobs

Fabcare 'Washing Machines' are designed for all types of laundry Jobs, technical and enzyme washing. Machines are available with different types and size to cater the need of different Fabrics such as Denim, Cotton, Rayon, Knitted, Woolen garments.